Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes

Today was a thrilling day of classes and dive theory. We started off with the PADI Rescue Diver certification dive theory videos first thing after breakfast so that tomorrow can be spent in the water practicing skills. The dive theory class went up to lunch, by which time it was sufficiently hot on deck, and we all huddled in the limited shade. After lunch, we returned to the classroom to have Marine Biology and Oceanography classes. Marine Biology covered intertidal zones and the harsh environmental conditions that limit life there. In Oceanography, we continued talking about global wave action and how tides (also a wave) affect the world. Dinner was a much-needed break and was a delicious white chicken chili. Our day of class was not over at dinner, though, as we had a continuation of our NavMaster cert in Seamanship. We covered the triangulation of location and checking compass error via chart. After Seamanship, most people went to bed or could be found reading somewhere on Ocean Star, but I ventured to the galley to bake apricot and peach blend turnovers for breakfast the following morning. I think it’s safe to say that they will be a success.

Pictured: (1) Morning view from Ocean Star, (2) Matt, Kaiden, Brit, and Miranda between classes, (3) The island of Guadeloupe in the distance, (4) My turnovers fresh from the oven (5) Nate is looking very cheerful at our scheduling meeting.