Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today we met up with a local dive company, Dive Dominica, to explore some of Dominica’s best dive sites. The first dive was amazing. There were many colorful fish, and some members of our crew saw a Great Barracuda. After the first dive, we dried out on the sun deck and had some delicious snacks and juice on our surface interval. The surface interval is important to reduce the concentration of nitrogen in our tissues so that we can surface safely from our next dive. It was a short cruise to that next dive site. Some of our crew needed a moment to warm up in the sun after being 75 feet underwater. The next dive site was nicknamed “Champagne reef.” The nickname came from the bubbles spewing out of the reef due to hydrothermal vents. The bubbles were warm and surrounded by fish. Again at this site, some members of our crew saw some larger barracuda. After our second dive, we headed back to Ocean Star for dinner and class. It was a bit more of a relaxing day after the strenuous hike to the boiling lake yesterday. It is hard to believe that we have reached the halfway point in our trip. We have been to so many incredible places and shared so many great adventures so far, but we still have double the adventure ahead of us.

We’re looking forward to an island tour tomorrow.