Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Life on Ocean Star today involved a day of learning how to navigate, how to rescue an unresponsive diver underwater, and some last-minute cramming for their Oceanography midterm. After breakfast, the shipmates learned about the Irving and Exy Johnson (sail training pioneers) before taking over the local restaurant that had kindly allowed them to use their tables. Charts were laid out, plotters inspected, and magnetic and true north deciphered. After class, the shipmates went on a tour around the dockyard to learn about the history of the buildings and how the dockyard used to function.

After lunch, the rescue diver group went to the nearby Galleon Beach to practice how to deal with coming across unresponsive divers underwater and then how to bring them up from the bottom and tow them to safety while giving rescue breaths and getting both the victim and themselves out of their gear. This was one of the most complex skills to learn, but everyone committed and did a great job (only occasionally taking in a little water…!).

The oceanography midterm followed dinner, and everyone enjoyed a full night’s sleep to prepare for passage tomorrow night.

PS. Love and kisses to everyone at home xx