Location: Statia

Today started anchored just off St. Barth’s. After a quick breakfast of oatmeal we finished prepping the ship for the 27 nautical mile sail to Statia. The crew, like a well oiled machine set our four primary sails in just ten minutes, a far cry from the hour and a half it used to take us. Once underway we had a practical MTE lab in which the shipmates had to estimate as close to our time of arrival using only conventional means. Once we had our course locked in we pulled our two top sails out of the laz. We first set the fisherman which flies between the main and fore masts above the fore sail. This was our first time using this sail on our voyage. Then we set the flying jib, which we had used a time or two before. Once the sails were up we were some of the lucky students who get to sail Ocean Star under full sail, some 4400sq. ft. Once we arrived in Statia Sam was declared the winner of the contest and we started into BA before dinner followed by OCB in which we watched another episode of Blue Planet.