Location: underway

Today, our crew experienced the best of both worlds on Argo. First thing in the morning, everyone participated in an underwater naturalist drift dive for their advanced certification, in which exciting things like a shark, moray eel, and Titan Triggerfish were spotted. Immediately after returning to the boat, sails went up, and the bow was pointed towards Pulau Tioman, 120 nautical miles away. Passage life agrees with everyone, and shipmates relax by reading, napping, playing cards, telling stories under the shade of the sails, or doing some homework when they aren’t on watch. Dinner was served on deck just before sunset while under full sail, and the addition of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies made the busy day complete. Leaving Tengol after such a short period was sad, but Tioman promises to bring some excitement as it is new to everyone onboard.