Location: Underway to Kadavu

Underway at last! We started the day with some fun diving games: doing backflips through hoops 40 ft under the sea. `Then we gathered for lunch before dispersing again to learn about boat checks and prepare the ship to go underway. “Underway”? That’s right! Although our main ocean passage is not yet upon us, we are doing a little baby passage for the next 24 hours to get to our next destination. We scurried around Argo ratcheting and hoisting and securing and tightening and locking, and we finally raised anchor at exactly our planned departure time of 5 pm. Once we got underway, the wind was strong, and the waves were crashing against the sides, soaking the bow. Against the vivid orange of the sunset, we raised the sails with a chorus of grunts and calls of “two-six!” It was thrilling to be crashing through the swells of the ocean with spray on the deck and the wind in our sails. That said, I think some of us had seasickness, and I certainly felt sick to my stomach for most of the experience. As dusk settled into night, the stars came out, and so did the pizza. We had dinner by starlight in the cockpit and had a “cozy” themed squeeze to close out an intense day.