Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Writing the day 90 blog, what an insurmountable task. The boat is eerily quiet, but the echo of laughter remains. Trying to capture everything that unfolded over the past 90 days is impossible to doexplaining why we all spent the morning sobbing uncontrollably similarly an impossible task. Luckily for me, our resident songstresses, Emy and Rachel, managed to capture it more beautifully than I would ever hope to with their Vela song. With no further ado, here it is:

Hey Vela Vela Vela, this is beach beach beach
Thank you for showing how far we reach
Vela Vela Vela, you’re my home, home home
You taught me we should always roam

Take a giant stride and squeeze my hand
Don’t look back, no sign of land
Voyage of a lifetime, strangers for a crew
Don’t let this be the craziest thing you do

We ride on constellations
Our sails are made of stars
We cant reach 33
But we’ve come 3000 miles far

We are ashes of the sun
Glow in the dark
Become undone
By blue, by you

Waking up at twilight, hours in the dark
Crystal blue infinity, music, stories laughter made their mark
My words, say you’ll forget me knot-s
That we tie can only be undone byyyyyy

Rides on constellations
Our sails are made of stars
We cant reach 33
But we’ve come 4000 miles far

Transformed from the lives we knew
What’s apparent isn’t always
true, in the blue

You have to be just a little bit insane
You have to feel just a little out of place
Go off the beaten path and fall into the sea
Knowing she might kill you, but she just might you free
She set me free because

We ride on constellations
Our sails are made of stars
We cant reach 33
But we’ve come 5000 miles far

Only bubbles are left behind
1000 years and we will all find
Blue, in all of you

Vela Vela Vela I don’t want this to end
You turn fear into adventure, strangers into friends
Vela Vela Vela look how far we came
None of us here will ever be the same

None of us will ever be the same, and speaking for all of the staff, it was an absolute privilege to have each and every one of you on board. We’re so excited to hear all about your next great adventures and all of the exciting things coming your way. You sailed across an entire ocean; you can do anything!! Hold on to your friends tightly, and enjoy the wacky re-entry into a world where baby birding is slightly less socially accessible, and dance parties are slightly more rare. Whatever you do next, we know you’ll be great. Vela will always be your home, but it can be an even better jumping off point — make a new stranger into a friend, do something that scares you, carry everything you learned here with you, and keep the sails happy 🙂

We love you all dearly. We’re always just a satellite phone call away.


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