Location: Roseau, Dominica

Today began reluctantly with the raising of sails and the delay of breakfast. Annie used her gills to easily remove a fish trap tied around the anchor chain, and Ocean Star left St. Pierre via sails. We sailed lazily without much wind, and the helmsman Kris allowed a German boat to overtake us, while John later overtook a French boat when the breeze ignited around the end of Martinique. The crew had the opportunity to apply practical sailing skills learned in MTE class to reality by practicing dead reckoning navigation. Devin constructed a highly anticipated outline of a Seamester version of the game Monopoly. We nearly got to the mooring without the thrust of engines, largely due to the enthusiasm of Eric. A mellow boat appreciation followed Ocean Star’s entrance admits the afternoon sun, and seldom seen snacks. Over dinner, the crew had mixed feelings about the squeeze question meant to unveil their opinion of the death penalty, yet as usual, jokes and laughter maintained a significant presence on board. The class concluded the day with MTE class, and an alluring potential of intense Banana-Grams in the evening