Location: On Passage

This morning I didn’t get to wake everyone up because it was sailing time, and I don’t wake people up when it’s sailing time. On watch this morning (I had 4 am-8 am), and we got hit by some thick boy fog. Chase and I were on bow watch together, and we both turned into snowmen. I learned that when Chase gets cold, he likes to move a lot, and it looks like he has to pee really bad, but maybe he just had to pee really bad, and that was his excuse. When we got back to the cockpit, we noticed that Jake is a funny sleeper, so I went to take a picture, but he moved, so now I just have a picture of him sleeping. For lunch today, Will made baked potatoes with cheese and things. Good thing it was sailing time, so we didn’t have to have civil war stone biscuits again. We anchored by a beach in New Jersey, and we had a BBQ on the beach for dinner. The water was a nice warm 70 something degrees New England water. We played a bunch of fun games on the beach like badminton, throwing balls, and rock roulette. There were also a bunch of dead horseshoe crabs, and I had the pleasure of showing Tim and Jake how they work. When people would try to come up to us on the beach, we run away and stop, drop and roll. Before we left the beach, Smash showed up with some ice cream, and there was one extra, so we had dinosaur competitions to see who got it. When we returned from the beach, Smash surprised us with some more chocolate things. I went down below to throw away my trash, and I accidentally walked in on Brahm wafting his bagels in the galley. I apologized and let him be. I think I’m going to sleep well tonightthe end.