Location: Deshaies to St Barth's

We woke up and began our day with ham and cheese pockets with scrambled eggs, which were very delicious. After we finished the cleanup, we went right into Oceanography. Brit gave us an excellent presentation on Sea Turtles and how pollution and climate change are affecting their lifestyles. Kennedy presented on Jellyfish Blooms, and how they have become more common recently, and the ramifications of them. Amanda then gave us a lecture on coastal waters and estuaries. We learned how different types of estuaries were formed; for example, fjords were formed by past glaciers carving paths through the land. We also learned about brackish waters and the varying levels of salt in different estuaries and in different places within those estuaries. After that, we had a Seamanship class where we learned about “Speed Made Good,” which is the speed the boat is traveling relative to the ground below and the speed through the water, which is the speed of the boat plus/minus the speed of the current.

We then went right into passage prep for our voyage, where we made sure everything was ready for us to go out to sea. We then ate some amazing burritos; I personally ate five of them. After lunch was finished, we finally raised our anchor and sails and got underway! While underway, we went over some Emergency First Responder knowledge review problems with Amy. If any dramatic injury were to occur, we would be able to provide appropriate aid, like CPR, until medical professionals arrived. After that, we broke up into watch teams for the passage, with watch team three taking the first shift (obviously best watch team). We then ate an awesome dinner of honey-glazed chicken. The chefs: Brit, Ridge, and Joseph, did an amazing job today. After dinner, we continued sailing in watch teams until our approximated arrival time of early tomorrow. Night Passage!

Pictured: Golden hour on Ocean Star and everyone excited to be underway again.