Location: Underway

What started out as another typical day on passage quickly became anything but. After lunch, we had our 2nd OCB exam. That was soon followed by a squall, which gave some of us a chance to break out our foulies and enjoy the rain. The excitement was short, though, for as soon as the weather died, Boomer herded us all below for MTE, in which we watched another video about Irving Johnson (we watched the last one the last time I was skipper, coincidence?). There was a nice lull for a couple of hours after MTE. Then right as we were all lining up for dinner, Boomer had us drop the fisherman sail, which is a blur in my mind. I was part of the team pulling the sail down to deck. All I can clearly recall is the first few moments. I remember seeing Lizzy and Sandro pulling with all their might on the downhaul and Hillary crouching low to the deck to avoid the jib sheets. Next, I remember reaching up to grab that first bit of sail, then pulling it down and holding it with our bodies so the wind wouldn’t blow it away. Then as soon as it started, it was over. All the energy and commotion that comes with dropping a sail was gone. We went and ate dinner like nothing had happened. So as you can see, it was definitely an action-packed day.