Location: Mountain Point/Peter Island/Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Day four was a wild one for the crew and students, with starting off the day with some of the students starting to get their first certification as an open water diver to finally getting that itch off my back to scuba dive. Even though it was about a 25-minute dive, during the dive, some people saw stingrays, and others saw jellyfish. Even with constant squalls, everyone had a great time. A lot of the students got to experience getting to steer in the helm for the first time, which was an exciting moment for everyone. While sailing back to one of our old locations because of weather issues (Tropical Storm Karen), the crew and students were all on the deck having a great time. They got to tell stories about things that had happened back home and also have lunch underway, which makes it very hard to eat a chicken wrap. Once we had finally hit our destination, the crew of Ocean Star then got held up by other boats that had used our lines for anchoring. Plans changed a bit again, and in the final decision, we sailed back to Tortola to ride out the storm until the morning. Our day had a happy ending, and we were safely secured on the dock in West End. Through all of the fun and chaos that had happened today, day 4 was a success, with everyone learning new things and having more adventures to come.

1. Eli, Miranda, Jill, and John is pulling a dinghy onto the deck. 2. Miranda and Matthew are cooking for the crew. 3. Students are eating lunch. 4. Josh and Joseph are closing up the cabin before the rain. 5. Stephen and Jade are helping with the dinghy lines. 6. Eli is looking at the navigation computer. 7. Matt and Joseph are doing 2,6. 8. Ridge posing for the camera. 9. Students and crew cleaning after lunch. 10. Steffen is posing for the camera. 11. A picture was taken by Eli of the half storm. 12. Carolyn is teaching Kaiden how to steer Ocean Star properly. 13. Jill is having fun fixing the anchor lines.