Location: Oranjestad, St. Eustatius

The crew was awoken early to get a start on what would be an adventurous day of diving. The chefs woke up even earlier than the crew to prepare the tasty breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. After the crew ate their breakfast, we embarked on our adventure of diving. The first dive we did was the deepest dive the group has done yet, at an astonishing 70 feet. We swam down to the depths of the sea to find what was once a thriving fishing boat called the Chien Tong that now acts as a sanctuary to the very fish it used to hunt. The ship itself was a sight to behold, yet its inhabitants of hundreds of fish, corals, and inverts were one of the busiest reef sites we have visited yet. Although the adventure did not stop there, it continued on into another dive of 60 feet. The second dive was the site known as Double Wreck, where two 18th century ships sunk each other after a skirmish. Today, however, the site could not be recognized as such as it was overrun again by hundreds of fish and corals that continue to astonish the crew no matter how many times we witness such. After the dives, we came back home to Ocean Star and had Marine Biology (OCB), during which we talked about artificial reefs (like the ones we visited during our dives) and marine protected areas. After class, the crew was given free time to work on our last assignments and shower. Dinner tonight was pizza and salad, a recipe that always lifts the spirits of the crew, followed by an exam in PEN (Basic Seamanship).