Location: Tobago Keys, Grenadines

This morning the crew woke early to the warm sun over the Tobago Keys and the turquoise water over the surrounding reefs. It was an earlier morning for most of our shipmates who were doing some last-minute studying for their International Crew Certificate Exam, which would test all the boating knowledge they’d picked up over the past month onboard. After a quick breakfast of boatmeal, our students gathered in the salon, making short work of the exam. Afterward, we decided the best way to rid ourselves of the stress of test-taking by dinghying over to nearby Baradal Island and snorkeling with sea turtles. Some spent a while hanging out with numerous turtles, sea stars, and little squid, while others hiked on the island, reflecting that no other spot in the Caribbean could be as beautiful as the one we are currently anchored in. After a quick lunch of Stroganoff, the shipmates had an SLS (Leadership) lecture analyzing the results of their Meyers Briggs personality tests, which showed how each individual’s personality is perceived by the crew as a whole. The rest of the afternoon was filled with more studying and resting after the busy past couple of days. Instead of dinner aboard, as usual, the crew got to go on a small adventure for dinner. We took the dinghy over to the nearby island of Petit Bateau, where we proceeded to hike to the leeward side of the island, where we were greeted by a beach BBQ set up for us by boat boys from Mayreau. On the menu were rice, vegetables, baked potatoes, fried plantains, and locally caught lobsters that our shipmates helped prep and cook. Like the sunset, our little family sat around picnic tables cracking into lobster halves (a first for some) and wondering what other amazing possibilities could arise tomorrow from yet another day in the Tobago Keys.