Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

Day 40 started out with, in my opinion, the best not-so-homemade breakfast ever. Fresh French baguettes and pastries brought in from shore by Laurie and Tor! After everyone had their fix of pan au choklad and croissants, we finished up giving our OCE presentations and then proceeded to shore for the majority of the day. Some students visited the volcanic ruins of St. Pierre, others shopped till’ they dropped, and everyone visited the French pastry shop for lunch. It was a long day full of charades and hand gestures if you weren’t in Ed’s group, (the only French speaking student on the boat). The island had a different atmosphere than the past places we’ve been, having a more European feel. When the full crew returned on the boat, there was a much needed shower time, and then bangers and mash for dinner. We concluded the day with MTE class, learning more and more navigation skills by the day. Day 40, the halfway mark of the trip. Day 40 brings out mixed emotions on Ocean Star; It reminds us of how quickly our awesome trip has gone by, it reminds us of the few things we miss back home, and most of all, it reminds us of the untamed excitement of new adventures to come. If we’ve had this rockin’ of a time so far, who knows what’s in the future for the next 40 days!