Location: Mayreau, The Grenadines

We started off the day with a 07:30 breakfast of granola/cereal, yogurt and fruit. After clean up we had our final class and review for the MTE (basic seamanship) mid-term exam. Next we split into two groups to dive the sunken World War II vessel Purini It was wicked cool but the best part by far was the nurse shark hiding in the wreck! The first group claimed to see a giant lobster too, but the second group wasn’t as lucky. A squall came through to challenge the crew, but was handled with our “ill nasty” skills and the guidance of Dan and Graham. Everyone got a chance to go to Mayreau and check out the beautiful stone church and view of the Tobago Cays at the top of the island. The people are friendly and we got personal tours from some local kids named Elson and Shakim. We had an excellent lunch from Graham and Chris and delicious Asian stir-fry for dinner. Now its time for the plankton tow. Great day.