Location: Great Harbour Peter, BVI

After breakfast, we motored away from Gorda Sound into the Francis Drake channel intending to dive the wreck of the Rhone, a Royal Mail ship from the 1860s that wrecked during a late-season hurricane and was a grave to its passengers. Unfortunately, being that the wind and current were so strong, we had to cancel the dive and continue on to Great Harbour Peter. After lunch, we dove the anchor of the Rhone, which the boat had slipped before it headed out intending to ride out the storm. After enjoying our last fiesta, we headed out with our dive gear on Near Enough to dive the wreck of the Fearless at night. It was dark, swelly, and basically intense. We explored the wreck, saw some cool big fish. Some of us even saw two sharks. Once back on the mooring, we were wet and tired, so after a small hot chocolate party, we went to bed.