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S/Y Vela Line Drawing

We’re building a new vessel!

This blog is a warehouse of information for our most recent build project, S/Y Vela. S/Y Vela is currently under construction in Bangkok, Thailand, so follow along as we pull all the pieces together in anticipation of the arrival of her first students on February 2nd, 2020!

Vela D
November 8th, 2018
Launch Countdown – 419 Days

The hull plating is complete and welding inspections are underway! Vela is really coming together quickly these days and we can already envision all of the lives that will be changed once she’s operational.

We have finally reached the point in which Vela must be taken off of her frame and rolled outside to be flipped! This is the last time Vela will ever be an indoor-boat (if ever such a thing occurred). Soon to come are photos of Vela being lifted via four hydraulic bottle jacks to be weighed in preparation for her rotation.

Vela 1
October 30th, 2018
Launch Countdown -428 Days

Hull plating continues at a fevered pitch, as the hull turn is due for November 12th! We are preparing for a welding inspection by Bureau Veritas and a representative from International Paints is starting to get involved to ensure proper coverage in those places which will be almost impossible to reach once the hull is welded shut.

The pictures below show that the frames and the stem are primed – also primed and painted are the lazaret, water tanks, and fuel tanks, which are all integral to the hull.

Story Team Image
October 9th, 2018
Launch Countdown – 449 Days

An update from Travis Yates, Managing Director:

Five minutes into the New Year of 2006 I landed in the old Bangkok airport to finish a project and to start an adventure. In the six months that followed a dream was realized, a project was completed, and I became a part of a new family.

The dream was to build a sailing school ship that embodied the combined experience and knowledge of an amazing collection of folks, one that would safely enable her crew to sail the oceans of the world under the Sea|mester flag, providing the platform for transformative educational and growth opportunities that only a sailing vessel can offer.

The project was to complete S/Y Argo, a 112ft steel sail training schooner whose lines and hydrodynamics were conceived in the highly esteemed Newport, Rhode Island offices of Langan Design. When I arrived at Marsun Shipyards the hull of Argo was fully welded and turned upright, three container loads of machinery and equipment had been shipped from the US and a small team of Sea|mester and ActionQuest staff had been organized to move out to Thailand to build out Argo’s masts and complete her final fit out.

The family I became a part of was the Marsun Shipyard family. Over the course of six months I worked hand in hand with individuals at every level of the Marsun team and without exception I found them to be driven to make our vision of Argo a reality – doing it all with a smile and an enthusiasm that was both contagious and inspiring.

This past week I came back to my Marsun family. I got to reconnect with a ton of the same folks that brought Argo to life. From upper management to the highly skilled hands that bent the hull plating, machined and crafted the masts, wired the vessel and painted Argo out. I got to reconnect and share stories of the efforts and people that made it happen.

This time the dream is to bring Argo’s sister ship, S/Y Vela, to life. The project is well underway, with only a month or so to go before the hull is fully welded and pulled out of Building 3 to be flipped upright. In the 12 years since Argo was commissioned at Marsun the shipyard has grown much larger and has continued to be very successful in their main line of the shipbuilding business. What has not changed is the enthusiasm, capability, and spirt of their team.

It was an honor this week to line up once again with the entire Marsun workforce for their 8am morning calisthenics. It was fantastic to dine with them once again in the Canteen and to get to meet and build friendships with the amazingly capable new members of the Marsun team.

The excitement at Marsun for building Vela is only matched by my excitement and that of our team at GXG for getting Vela completed and out on the sea with students aboard!

August 18th, 2018
Launch Countdown – 501 Days

Welds, welds, and more welds. We’ve reached the point where a lot of the photos look the same but trust us – things are moving along quite quickly now. Of particular note on a small scale is the quality of the welds that the Marsun team is bringing to the table. The team is using a semi-automatic welder and making leaps and bounds when it comes to putting all the puzzle pieces together.

Gap Year Study Abroad 9
August 4thth, 2018
Launch Countdown – 515 Days

And just like that, our beautiful Vela is coming to life! Having the framework for the hull pieced together is really starting to help her take shape. The crew in Thailand is making great strides to keep us on track for the build and we couldn’t be happier with the progress thus far. Just as a note, the brown color is actually the paint primer, not rust! Onwards and upwards, Vela.

P.S. Is it just us, or does the framework in this stage make her look like a Viking warship? Anybody? Bueller?

Gap Year Study Abroad5
July 2nd, 2018
Launch Countdown – 548 Days

Today was the Keel Laying Ceremony in the boatyard! Things are really starting to take shape by leaps and bounds on making Vela a reality. The materials for standing the frame are arriving and the steel plates will soon be welded in place to begin forming the hull.

This build is especially important for Marsun Shipyard, as it’s their 300th! It’s been a few years since our first build, S/Y Argo, and we are as equally excited to be their YN. 300!

Gap Year Study Abroad Vela Seamester
May 30th, 2018
Launch Countdown – 581 Days

Sea|mester co-founder, Jim Stoll, is living in Thailand year-round, giving him the ability to be completely hands-on in the construction of Vela. The materials are finally coming together, most notable of which is the shipment of massive steel plates that will be welded to the frame of Vela in order to construct her hull.

Note the massive Thai Navy vessels in the background – The Marsun Shipyard is the primary build yard for the Thai Navy. Safe to say they’ve built a boat or two over the years.

Vela Study Abroad Gap Year
January 20th, 2018
Launch Countdown – 711 Days

We’re starting to get a look at the first renders of Vela! Vela will be built to the same basic plans as Argo. At 112-ft overall, Vela is a two-masted staysail schooner with room for 26 students and seven staff. When we first designed Argo, we did so with safety, dependability, and ‘trainability’ in mind. Vela is no different, so think of her as Argo 2.0! Thanks to her designer, Bill Langan, the original plans were so good we only had to apply subtle changes to Vela. Most involve replacing mild steel with stainless in some of the hard to reach places. These modifications, we hope, will further increase our ability to maintain the vessel in tip-top condition during her rigorous ocean going schedule.

S/Y Vela Contract
January 5th, 2018
Launch Countdown – 726 Days

We’ve officially signed a contract to begin building our third Sea|mester vessel, S/Y Vela.

Construction will start in June 2018 and the build will take around 15 months. Delivery of our new vessel is set for January 2020! Welcome to the family, Vela!

“Making the decision to build Vela is something we've been dreaming about for a very long time. We're thrilled to announce that we signed a contract with Marsun shipyard on December 29th and should take delivery of the vessel in January of 2020. This is a big moment for Sea|mester, and would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our operational and office teams.”
-Mike Meighan - Executive Director