Life Aboard | Time Ashore

While the thrill of the passage ends as we make landfall, new adventures present themselves as the anchor drops and we prepare to explore.

These days are spent experiencing our new destination. Whether scuba diving Antigua’s vivid reefs, walking the concourses of the Roman Coliseum or visiting the markets of Morocco, getting off the boat and discovering the world is an integral part of your experience.

Shore time will include both organized group tours or activities and individual or small group exploration on your own time.

Each activity is designed to engage with the local culture, history or geography. New destinations bring challenges of language, customs and culinary exploits.

Even just provisioning for the vessel’s crew is an adventure in itself!

Students can expect to explore via a variety of modes of transport, be it by foot, bicycle or horseback. Hikes on trails off the beaten path is a Sea|mester staple regardless of the location. Activities can range from exhilarating adventure sports to enjoying a local cup of coffee while people watching.

Service projects in the past have included organizing class activities for local school children and collecting research data for environmental agencies.

Each destination brings its own flavor and Sea|mester hopes to balance the physical, educational and service activities over the course of the journey.

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