Location: underway

Today was the first day of our passage across the Atlantic. It was a short one, as are most days underway. Time is not often idle aboard Argo, though that is how it should be. Our home is not something to be taken for granted when it’s floating on an ocean, over a thousand miles away from any piece of land. Living on land, a home can’t sink, a home can’t keel over 40 degrees and throw its inhabitants to the floor, a home can’t flip over. There isn’t a person steering it at any given time; it, for the most part, stays put. A solid ground you can rely on and trust. Argo has to put her trust in us as much as we have to put it in her. Argo can be as safe and comfortable as any other home, but that safety and comfort is in our control. That, I think, is the crux of the difference between life underway and life on land. And a very happy birthday to our crew member Leah Shopneck!