Location: Underway

Two significant things happened today. We had an island tour of Sao Vicente, Cape Verdes and we began our Atlantic crossing! Nine o-clock Tuesday morn, all 19 students and 3 staff piled into a lime green van. Our tour guide, Be-Cool liked to take us to many beaches. We reenacted the human tower of Tarragona (we got 3 stories high) and tackled each other in the fine sand while playing Bulldog. At the next beach, a couple of our brave souls were slaughtered in a game of soccer against the local six year olds at recess. We also took a one-way, windy, dirt road with a vertical drop on one side to the top of what looked to be the highest point of the island. Beep, Beep, and a mirror at every blind corner. Back on the boat, we prepared for the Atlantic crossing. Passage prep went smoothly. With a strong wind to our backs, we confidently raised our sails. Atlantic ocean here we come!