Location: Marigot

We woke up this morning to the sun on Petit Piton and a warm gentle breeze. As soon as we had eaten a delicious breakfast of banana and apple cinnamon bread we set sail. The wind was a little funky getting out of Soufriere, but as soon as we got a little ways from the island it was great. Today was our first real chance to get the fishermen sail out, so it was a fun ride. We’re a little bit tighter on crew now so instead of breaking up into watch teams we split ourselves up into odds and evens. The best part of the day, at least for me, was getting to spend an exorbitant amount of time in the shower. The fresh hot water was insanely relaxing and I probably spent a good 20-25 minutes there. Heavy Beats (John) and Stephanie also cooked up some awesome meals today. I’ve already mentioned breakfast but for lunch we had a bunch of tasty pizza bagels and for dinner we had deluxe nachos. The portion sizes were better than average, and I think Beats has been getting some inspiration from some Youtube videos of crazy Canadian chefs who put bacon, cheese and overall calories in everything. Everyone is also cramming to get in our literature reviews which are due on day 40, so some good comfort food was definitely in order.