Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Morning ran a little bit different today. Normally people are woken up by the sound of music as chosen by the skipper, but today everyone woke up on their own and earlier than the usual 7:15 wake-up call. Others had already been awake adding more to their literature review papers, which are due tomorrow morning. Following a delicious chocolate-chip pancake breakfast Ocean Star set off from Marigot towards our current location, setting sail once out of the harbor. Everyone is evidently becoming more and more familiar with the actions on board the ship, knowing how to raise sails without much guidance from the staff. While underway students continued studying the various topics covered in Marine Biology, for tonight is our second exam. Once we reached Rodney Bay a provisioning run was organized, which amassed a whopping 5 shopping carts filled with food. Others spent time on shore or remained on the ship. Aboard Ocean Star Eric, Sam, and I worked on fixing the exhaust pipe from the engine and maintaining the windlass on deck. Tomorrow we set sail for Martinique, which should not be a long voyage and should prove fun while we control the many aspects of the ship.