Location: Fort De France

Today started out bright and early with wake-ups being done at 6am. Most of us were not too pleased to hear blasting music at this hour because we were up all night finalizing our literature reviews for Oceanogrophy. The good news is that we all have our literature reviews finished and now that is behind us! We had the sails set by 6:30am and before we knew it, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia was fading in the distance. The wind was just right to toss up the fisherman staysail which enabled us to catch more wind and sail faster. We reached Fort De France around one and like the studs we are, dropped anchor under sail. Immediately we went into flaking the sails, scrubbing the deck and clearing customs. When all this was finished, a few of us went to shore and check out the local McDonalds which was not too good, because none of us know french. We had a great “super cheeseburger” dinner made by Devin and Alex. Tonight we have a MTE class where we will continue to learn about navigation. There is also a rumor going around that we might all hang out in the salon and watch a movie to relax from a very busy day. [It is a false rumor]