Location: St. Pierre

Today marks the day that we are officially “over the hump” and more than halfway through our voyage, a fact that can be hard for everyone to believe. At the same time, this shows through all of the accomplishments of the shipmates and adventures aboard Ocean Star thus far, and we look forward to more to come, for sure. This morning, the shipmates learned about the story of sediments on the ocean floor and the amazing sensory systems of sharks. Afterwards, we had some time ashore to explore Fort-de-France on a very quiet and sleepy Sunday. After filling up on baguettes, pastries, and cold sodas, we set off north along the coast of Martinique to St. Pierre. The staff stepped back to give shipmates the opportunity to run the show on today’s passage. Students led sail raises and navigated by taking bearings on the island, –without– the aid of electronic GPS. We arrived just before dinner, enough time for a quick dip in the ocean. After a tasty, meaty, and loafy creation by head chef Kris, tonight’s class will be on figuring out personal leadership styles and how best to put them into action. Hope that all’s well in your world too. Signing off, Skipper Stephanie