Location: Galleon, Antigua

Today, we began the day with a fantastic beach picnic on Galleon Beach. It was great to appreciate the quiet Antigua low season, with an empty beach before leaving for Nevis.
The crew was then thrown into the first passage prep. This is when we prepare the boat to sail, which for a new crew is challenging yet rewarding. It is so fun to teach all the fundamental principles of life on a moving boat. It was great to see everyone getting stuck into the many jobs to get the boat ready. We managed to complete this in a very efficient few hours and were able to look back and see Ocean Star ready to sail.

We then split into watch teams. These are the three different teams who we will spend time sailing with over the coming weeks. The idea of having these teams is that we will follow a 3 hours on 6 hours off schedule, which allows the crew as a whole time to rest. Another part of being crew on the boat is being prepared to be part of any different emergency situation, so we went over these drills and practiced what your team’s role would be.

Finally, around 4 o’clock, we set off from Antigua. It was so fun to be raising the sails on Ocean Star again and introducing the new crew to sailing. We raised the main sail, fore sail, and staysail. When all sails were raised, we sat down for our first passage dinner. Seeing everyone try to get dinner on a moving boat for the first time is a very funny thing to watch; it’s similar to watching a baby giraffe walk around for the first time.

It was amazing to finish dinner, turn the engine off, and go sailing into the night.