Location: Santa Cruz, Galapagos

Day 60 and two-thirds of the trip down. For me, the day started at 4:30 am due to an anchor watch I carried out solo. It was the first real-time I had spent alone in 2 months, which was very refreshing. After a quick nap at 6:30 after watch, I woke up at 7:30. After all of the divers had left, I found out that, due to a mix-up, we were having breakfast on shore before heading to the Charles Darwin Research Station, where we saw an exhibit of Darwin’s efforts in the Galapagos as well as a giant tortoise breeding ground. This is where we saw images of Charlie’s Dad on the wall of some buildings looking super duper cool. We left the research station at about 11:30, where we had the rest of the day to go around town and do some shopping as well as just go for an explore. It was at about this time that the divers said their captain was walking around their boat in his underwear doing a boat inspection at the crotch to eye level. 8 of us had lunch in a bar called the Rock overlooking the water close to the marina where we had a range of food from burgers to poke bowls. After lunch was consumed in full, we walked around for many hours and saw many things. We then sat in an air-conditioned shop called Darwin and Wolf, where some of us bought clothes while most just enjoyed the cold air. At 5:30, we left town and headed back to Vela, but not before we parted ways with Charlie, who went to a baby’s party. Once we got to the boat Fargo and his sous chefs were chefin up a storm making bbq chicken sandwiches, followed by my squeeze question of what are your predictions for the passage coming up.

Tomorrow will hopefully be even better than today with surfing in Tortuga Bay.