Location: West End

Closing time for another amazing Seamester voyage. 20 days ago we had 20 complete strangers stepping aboard for the first time, shy and nervous towards the uncertainty that lay ahead of them. Today we have 20 best friends getting ready to depart, hugging and laughing together, only wishing that the trip would be lasting longer. In the past 20 days this crew has come closer than they ever imagined forming bonds that will last a life time. Over the years I have sailed with many Seamester crews and this crew ranks with the top all-stars for, which I have had the great pleasure to sail with. I would easily continue on with them for another 20 days. As a special treat for our final squeeze a few of the crew wrote and preformed a song, “Sexy Exy.” It is easily one of the most creative and special Seamester moments I have been apart of and proves just how amazing this crew and trip has been for all of us. “20 days and 20 new faces,” long live Venti-mester!