Location: Underway to Dominica, Transatlantic Day 17, 15*59.29' N 58*05.11' W

Its day 17 of our Atlantic crossing out here on Argo, and we were still motor-sailing away, enjoying the warm, southeasterly breeze thats pushing us along. Today is a special day not only because weve almost made it to Dominica but also because its Parkers 21st birthday! Happy birthday to Parker!
The day started off with the usual passage schedule. The sun heated up very quickly, but fortunately, we have sunscreen (shout out to CVS pharmacy and to my mom, you go, Julie!!). We dropped the fisherman sail and then had a biology class on coral habitats, which got everyone very excited for our upcoming reef dives. Next, we geared up for these dives with knowledge review classes for Advanced Open Water Divers and exam preparation for Divemasters and Rescue Divers. Everyone can practically taste the compressed air. We are so excited to breathe again! PSCT then had a class during which everyone else either stood watch or took advantage of some free time.
After our deck showers, it was time for dinner. Maddie planned a quiche for us, but the Atlantic seemed to have other intentions and proceeded to knock over said quiche inside of the oven, spilling it onto the floor and into the bilge. Its been a long day for the chefs, but they pulled through, and we enjoyed a nice meal of chicken and scrambled eggs. We ended the meal with some delicious cookies courtesy of resident baker extraordinaire, Ms. Sydney Baker. Our squeeze question was a fun game of Whats in the bag? – Personal Flotation Device addition. Everyone unzipped their lifejacket pockets, and we learned that most people walk around carrying large amounts of plastic trash from their snacks along with candy and chapstick.
Our latitude and longitude as of 8 pm is 16 05.42 N 57 26.33W. We can almost taste the cold sodas and fresh fruit were going to devour very soon! Sadly for me, I narrowly missed getting to write the blog for our arrival day. I also wonder if Ill still be able to walk in a straight line on the ground that doesnt move when we arrive on land.