Location: Underway to Key West

Today started off bright, and early with a 6:30 wake up, and we quickly got everything ready for passage (since we had already did passage prep two days earlier). After we untied the sails, and slipped off the mooring we were on our way to Key West . Again. Once again not without a few complications not 10 minutes into the sail set were we already meet with problems. While raising the fisherman sail the sheet got twisted , and the crew had one heck of a time getting it down, but the fun doesn’t stop there once we dropped the fish, and re-set it. I noticed a decent sized chunk missing from the jib . I asked Capt. Wildcat, “What happened to the jib?” and 4 minutes later we had dropped the jib and secured it to the bowsprit . After an eventful sail set the day cooled down with a OCB class on intertidal communities, and then more PSCT presentations . Well that pretty much sums up day 54 on Argo some rough starts and brilliant seamanship by the shipmates. I guess after 50 days were starting to get the hang of it.