Location: Underway to Key West

S/Y Argos spring 2011 voyage has just rounded the western coast of Cuba! The day began with watch team 2 starting off the day from 0000 to 0300. After that was watch team 3 (aka Tres Amigos aka Team Awesome), which is my watch team. We secured the boat for the next three hours and finished with day break. Nothing to interesting happened while under night watch except for watch team 3s usual great sailing skills. After everyone was up and about, it spread quickly that it was Captain Steve’s (aka Wildcats) birthday. We all hope he had a lovely day. Lunch was cold cuts and sandwiches. After lunch the crew went below deck for class and watch team staff took over the vessel. Class was fun today. We got to talk about hurricanes and ocean currents in our physical oceanography class with Casey the pirate. After that we had a couple SLD presentations. Courtney (aka Casper) started us off by teaching us how to make origami cranes and Jack showed us some amazing sailing videos about speed sailing records. Crazy stuff! After presentations we headed back on deck to see Cuba over our starboard beam. We had showers at 1515 and then some free time until dinner. Dinner was delicious. Ben cooked us up some nice BBQ chicken, while his Sous Chiefs cooked a delicious surprise for Wildcats birthday: BROWNIES! Wildcat got a dream birthday evening with a beautiful sunset and a perfect meal. Were just rounding Cuba now and should be in Key West either tomorrow evening or at the latest Friday morning. Hope all is well back home, Mac out.