Location: Underway to Key West

Our quite night from last night was replaced by the entrance into the Gulf Stream. We experienced 20 kts of wind that was right on the nose and against the Gulf Stream. This created a VERY LARGE sea that came toppling over the bow of Argo. Our 8-9kt progress was slowed to 3-4kts and our hope for an arrival in the evening was quickly dashed. Now we just hope we can make land fall by tomorrow some time. Motor sailing we made decent progress throughout the day and were able to squeeze in an MTE class and for the professional skipper candidates we got in the last of their presentations. All without a single person getting sea sick. We’ve come a long way in the last two months. With the Gulf Steam also came a clear change in the weather. Shorts and T- shirts were replaced with foul weather gear and winter hats. There were many complaints that we were heading the wrong way and that it is getting too cold! Night time watches switched between telling riddles, playing mind games and figuring out what people would most like to eat once they get back on shore. Key West must be close.. They can smell it!