Location: Key West, USA

We are back in the USA! This morning Watch Team 2 called land ho, and Watch Team 3 brought us into Key West at around 10:00. Travis was there to meet us at the dock, where Argo got to raise the American flag for the first time! After customs and a delicious quesadilla lunch, we started our boat appreciation. We unloaded a whole truck full of canned chicken, Gatorade, peanut butter, jelly, and new parts for Argo. After that, people were quick to whip out their cell phones to call friends and family it’s the first time we don’t have to pay international rates to be connected. And people were quick to find an ice cream shop on the dock, milkshakes and triple scoops in homemade waffle cones made a lot of people very happy! Lander made us a great stir-fry for dinner, and we finished the night with an Oceanography movie called Deep Blue. It feels good to be home!!