Location: Key West, USA

Today we enjoyed our first full day back in the United States on the colorful island of Key West. Today was unlike any of our days aboard Argo so far because we had the entire day free to explore the shore. For the first time, breakfast was optional, and everyone had an opportunity to sleep in. That was not the case, however; I woke up at 8:00, and everyone was already bustling around the boat, getting ready to take advantage of the day. People had a variety of plans, including sailing, windsurfing, fishing, shopping, and taking in the sights of Key West during spring break. While the students enjoyed the day off, the staff spent some time preparing for our upcoming long passages. Heather, who is in charge of provisioning, had the monumental task of shopping for everyone today with the help of Courtney. They returned to the boat with beleaguered faces and two taxis completely full of food. Steve and Al spent time repairing turbochargers on the main engine to keep Argo ship-shape. Overall it was another great day! Argo and her crew got to enjoy some hometown amenities that were surely in need as we look forward to our upcoming days at sea.