Location: Key West, USA

Schooners tend to be a rare sight in the sailing world, but not here in Key West. We currently sit amongst a whole schooner community. We may be the only one that still circumnavigates, has a steel hull and doesn’t take out tourists for a 2 hour sunset cruise to see the shores of Key West, but there is a sense of family. As the crew of Argo walks around the busy tourist filled dock, crew members from one schooner are able to pick out crew members of another, inviting each other aboard to chat about the sailing world or tour a boat built in the middle of the 20th century. We have even been invited to race in next weekend’s schooner regatta, but alas the seas are calling us back and the crew is getting restless to move on to our next destination. So when we aren’t around sharing a milkshake with a fellow sailor, Argo and her crew are preparing to head out to sea. To the delight of our audience on the dock, we spent our afternoon preparing the boat sail, putting us one step closer to our true calling, the wind and the waves.