Location: Underway to BVI

Today marked our fifth day on passage to the BVIs and was also full of excitement. The main engines temperature was abnormally high, so most of the day was spent with Al and Steve working their magic to fix it. The main engine was shut down for a few hours so work could be done on it, so Argo began doing complete spins during lunch cleanup, which added a bit of a thrill to the day. Once it was eventually fixed, we wanted to attempt to increase our speed, so right before dinner we experimented by taking down all of the sails to see if we would go any faster. Unfortunately the experiment failed and we put them all right back up two minutes later. Nick was also told where his water bottle was due to some concern that he had not been drinking anything. Class time was spent on SLD presentations, and we learned, to name a few, about rap music, New Zealand, Barcelona, and much more. Food was delicious today, with Wilder as head chef. We had pork sandwiches for lunch, along with chocolate chip banana bread, and for dinner, pasta and garlic bread. And passage life continues.