Location: Underway to BVI

April 1st on Argo is a spirited time. Watch Team Three, the celebrated Tres Amigos, started the day in style with Ninja Night Watch. Several hours of stealthy watch in black clothes and headscarves, and a lot of careful planning, unfortunately came to nothing when at the 6am relief it was already too bright to launch a successful ambush on Watch Team One. It was great fun to discover on the same watch that someone- Chris, as it later transpired- had distributed our water bottles all over the deck, clipped to random lines, cleats and shackles. It was like Easter had come early for those of us who like treasure hunts Surely the best prank of the day, though, has to be the Birthday That Wasn’t. We all somehow got to hear that Casey has an April 1 birthday, and we spent the whole day wishing him Happy Birthday, topping off our efforts with a magnificent (if slightly molten) brownie-cake-monster-thing created by Becca and Chessie. Only after dinner did we discover the truth, when Eli found out that Casey is a Sagittarius! In other news, there wasnt much news. We saw the first vessel wed sighted in several days, and the seas picked up slightly, giving us some nice pitching. Other than that, it was a pretty relaxed day on Argo! Were all making our way through the final mountains of work as we approach the end of our academics on the boat, and everyone is now looking forward to the BVI and keelboat sailing, not to mention Race Week