Location: Underway to BVI

The day started on a questionable note as the crew awoke after another night of watches to the news that the water maker had broken and that we would need to conserve the remaining amount.. Conserving water onboard Argo means only using it for drinking and washing hands, that means no fresh water rinse after salty deck showers, and no fresh water for dishes. Some students spent their morning finishing the last paper of the semester for oceanography, others (Becca Prasse) ate the heart of a fish freshly pulled out of the sea. After a lunch of delicious open-faced sandwiches and a particularly salty clean-up, the crew sat down for an afternoon of science with both oceanography and marine biology lectures. We only have ten days left of academia, and an outrageous amount of work to do in that time. In other news our ETA to the B.V.I is late on the third and constantly changing. This marks the second day Nicks water bottle has been hanging off the stern without him noticing, and Ive bet Wilder he cant go 24 hours without mocking anyone. The watch cycles continue, the water maker has just been fixed, and the crew continuously strives to bring Captain Wildcat the horizon.