Location: Christmas Island


Today was our fourth and last day on Christmas Island. The boat is prepped, the snacks are stored, and everyone is ready to set sails for Cocos Islands tomorrow.

The day started with a breakfast, accompanied by yet another Bacon-Fire-Alarm. After that, we went ashore: some of us explored the island a little more, a majority of us went to the tourism center to get some wifi – songs, movies, and podcasts have been downloaded, and many phone calls have been made – and almost every one of us stocked up on as many snacks as we could possibly carry. We are all sharing our bunks now with TimTams, Oreos, Chips, and every other snack that the supermarket had to offer.

We then made our way back to Argo. Christmas Island has surprised us all with its beautiful nature, its giant crabs, and its incredibly friendly people. While waiting for the dinghy to shuttle us back to our home, some of us couldn’t bear the heat any longer and decided to jump off the dock and into the clear, refreshing blue of this beautiful bay.

Once back aboard, we had lunch and started passage prep shortly after. The tarps are stored, the scuba gear has disappeared in the depth of the hull, and every piece of equipment has been checked for passage to Cocos (Keelings) Islands tomorrow. Argo and its crew are ready for passage! We all are very excited about Cocos and can’t wait to discover all its secrets…

Until next time
– Falk