Location: Underway to Cocos (Keeling) Island

Today I continued my streak of waking people up with good news. Last time it was pancakes, and this time it was freshwater showers for al! I guess you could say it was the silver lining of a rough sea state and some seasick students.
We had a fire drill this morning, where we practiced jumping into action and splitting into our watch teams to do our assigned jobs. You can see Julia and Hans playing fireman with our new fire hose! Today was also a great day for sailing.

We left Christmas at about 8 am, and the wind has been on our side (port side, to be specific). We will get back into the swing of watch shifts and classes during the day as we make our way to Cocos. While exploring Christmas Island, Hans, Tighe, and I met a lovely Australian man by the name of Ben that worked for the government on Christmas island and Cocos. He said that Cocos is one of the top places to visit in the world right now. So I guess we’re lucky we get to explore it while it’s still remote.

After Seamanship class, we had marine bio and took our first fish ID quiz. Studying for this test, I realized I had been pronouncing it an-en-ome instead of an-em-one for my entire life (sorry, Nemo). I guess you learn something new every day. My favorite from the list that we memorized was either the Picasso Triggerfish or the Pyjama Cardinalfish. I highly recommend looking up the Pyjama Cardinalfish because it looks like it’s wearing little polka dot pajama pants, and it makes me smile every time. Anywho, today was also Sam P’s 21st birthday! We celebrated with some cake and cookies after dinner (thanks to Sam O. and Rebecca for baking), and of course, we sang him happy birthday after the squeeze. Happy 21st Sam, hope Argo made it a memorable one!
-Charlotte B.
Ps. Mom, please hug the dogs for me 🙂

Coordinates: 01037.83’S 10433.89’E