Location: Underway to Cocos (Keeling) Island

Hello, friends and family of the Argo crew! Today we continued our trip to Cocos and learned the basics of primary care. After a pasta lunch with a side of cooked w(evil)s, we spent the afternoon being taught the basics of CPR, as well as what we should do in the case of an emergency. The newbies worked hard, while the more experienced medics in the student crew provided helpful tips. As pictured above, Hans took the liberty of practicing his Baywatch moves on Tighe during his afternoon nap. Tim provided scalp massages to Alex and Rebeca of watch team two to keep them focused and relaxed. For dinner, we had rice curry and peach turnovers, which were made by Tina while Emma and Kira distracted her (as pictured above). We ended the day with a cleanup and a movie. Tomorrow we should arrive. I think we are all surprised at how quickly the trip is going. It feels like yesterday that we were boarding for the first time. Two months to go!

Coordinates: 01146.62’S 09840.95’E