Location: Cocos (Keeling) Island

Hello Everybody,

The Cocos Island archipelago is the most beautiful place on the face of this earth. At around noon, we approached the crystal clear blue water and took down our sails. We split up into groups and appointed leaders to help take down each individual sail, and although we are still learning, we did very well. After getting our sails down, we drifted into the bay of Direction Island, an uninhabited former WWII military telecommunications base. We dropped two anchors and cleaned up the boat for a few hours.

After the cleanup, the fun began. We motored over to Direction island, and with music blasting, we cooked up hot dogs, burgers, and veggie patties and had a beach BBQ. Direction Island is the quintessential white sand beach, postcard island, and what made it even better was that we were the only ones on it. For hours we roamed the island, read the signs about its history, ate good food, and played good music. We had an eventful soccer game and made our way back to the boat for bedtime as we were exhausted from the passage and partying.

Back on the boat, there was a brief hot dog battle, which was followed by a movie in the salon.

The number of times that I have stopped and looked around, trying to see if this place is real crazy. Life in Cocos is good.

Sam Peacock