Location: Underway

Day sixty and only one month left. Kind of crazy to think about, from experience I know these last 30 days will go by so fast. And then you will find yourselves on a plane looking back, thinking, “wow, what a great experience.” How much have you seen in the past 3 months? What have you learned about yourself? What cultural experience completely blew your mind away? This is what you will think back on. I have started to see this realization on a few of the faces aboard. It’s almost a sad note aboard, cause no one wants the ride to end. But this can be good. It reminds us to not take any day for granted. Cherish every night watch, every sail raise, every laugh shared together. These can be and will be some of the best 30 days of our lives. There is still a lot for us to see and this ride is just picking up speed.