Location: Statia

“Please report on deck, the fire alarm has been activated, please report on deck the fire alarm has been activated” was the sound of our 6:30 wake up call today. After we all managed to get on deck with our PFD’s on and our pillows in hand in an orderly fashion, we were assigned to our places to help raise the anchor. During our sail we were able to put up the fisherman and the flying jib sail. Since we trimmed the sails and coiled all the lines we were able to relax and enjoy our sail. While relaxing on deck and taking naps in the sun we didn’t realize how hot it was with the breeze. As we were preparing to drop the anchor in Statia we all started to feel the slightest sting on our bodies and poking others to show how red they were. Meanwhile the anchor crew ran into a few difficulties. While dropping anchor we realized that the chain had wrapped around the anchor so it was unable to hold on the bottom. I was soon asked to go down to the anchor locker and flake the chain as it was brought up to re-drop to the bottom. We successfully dropped the anchor and quickly started to flake and cover the sails. By the time we were done with our brief boat appreciation, everyone rushed down to the salon to grab their shower materials to quickly get clean. Showers ran very smoothly and fast. While dinner was being made by our two chefs people either laid out on the chart house on down on the salon benches and took and nap or simply was just resting. After a delicious dinner we as usual started our daily clean up chores. We had a beautiful view of the sunset with 6-7 tanker ships sitting in the background. Once clean up was done we all mustered in the salon to get ready for our oceanography class. In the end it was a long and gorgeous sailing day today and we will all get well rested tonight to get ready to explore Statia tomorrow.