Location: Gallows Bay, St. Eustatius

Today we set out on an epic journey up the dormant volcano known only as The Quill. We are currently anchored off St. Eustatius, more commonly known as Statia, and the skyline is dominated by the cone of the quill rising above the peaceful town of Orangestad. We began our journey by trekking through the streets of the town, built on a bluff overlooking the sea. We soon became aware of the history that Statia is steeped in as we saw ruins that had been engulfed by more modern dwellings. Statia was the first country to officially recognize the United States as a nation following the Declaration of Independence and has a history of being an important trading port through the ages. As we scaled the verdant slopes of the Quill, we heard the gentle pitter-patter of hermit crabs rolling down the hill as they pulled inside their shell to hide from us, losing their balance in the process. After a few hermit crab races, which ended in defeat for all comers once Dolan had put together a stable of thoroughbreds, we reached the rim of the crater, where the group split in two. One team decided to summit the highest point on the island, Mazinga, by hiking along the edge of the crater, while I and a few intrepid others ventured deep within the volcanos crater. After returning from the hike, we visited Statias main attraction (at least for Sea|Mester shipmates), Sonny’s, and Cantonese Chinese Restaurant. The chow mein was meiny, the sizzling pork platter sizzled, and the sweet and sour chicken was both sweet AND sour! After further exploring Orangestads streets, we returned home to Ocean Star for a much-needed night of rest.