Location: Saba

We all woke up to the smell of our chefs making us eggs and bacon, which is always a good way to wake up. After cleanup, we had the next two hours to ourselves in order to study for the oceanography and MTE finals coming up in the next couple days. At 10:00 we had oceanography class and Kristine taught us the physics behind waves. We then took off all the sail covers in preparation for the passage to Saba later in the day and then got our dive gear ready for today’s dive. Today we had our wreck dive for Advanced Open Water on the Charlie Brown, an AT and T cable laying ship that rests in about 90 feet of water at its deepest and 65 at the top. In addition to swimming through the wreck, checking out its various passages and portals, we were also treated to a visit with some friendly barracuda waiting for us as we headed up the anchor line! Once everyone stepped from the dive boat back on to Ocean Star, the final preparation for passage to Saba started. We set sails for Saba shortly after and to everyone’s delight, were making 8 kts! The conditions were good for the fisherman staysail and so it was brought out of the laz and rigged up. On the first attempt to haul it up, the power of the sail caught us off guard and the fisherman went flying, ripping a line out of our hands and flying off the side of the boat! Luckily we had the other lines and it was hauled back in the by sheet, no harm done! Our second attempt was more successful and in no time we were up to 9 kts. We had a relaxing hour or so before we made it to Saba, dropped sails, and attached ourselves to a mooring ball on the leeward side of the island. We took some showers off the sides of the boat while our chefs made us a wonderful pasta and red sauce! With the threat of rain looming over our heads we cleaned up as fast as we could and got ready for last MTE class! After that we’ll sleep! We have to get some rest for the big hike tomorrow!