Location: Tahiti

Yesterday Rob was skipper, but it was a very eventful day followed by a 4 am wake-up call to get ready for the taxi to the airport this morning, and there was little time for blog writing, so please indulge my longwinded sentiments for the second day in a row.

Thursday was our final full day together. After a quick Easter-egg scavenger hunt after breakfast, we all broke into our final BA jobs, getting Argo cleaned up and packing up all of our belongings. After a late lunch, we finished up our cleaning and spent the late afternoon hanging around the boat and marina. We met in the cockpit for our final squeeze at 6. We took the time to say our “last words” to each other, many of which were very beautiful and heartfelt. The moments like these make you realize the significance of what we really did for the past three months. After the squeeze, we headed to Casa Bianca, the restaurant in the marina for dinner, where we enjoyed pizzas and steak tartar, and of course, each other’s company. We mostly hung out at the restaurant for the evening, but a group of us headed down to the other restaurant/bar in the marina, where we spent a fabulous hour dancing with each other and many of the locals – an absolutely awesome end to the day. We made it back to Argo at midnight, but with the prospect of saying goodbye to the first group of shipmates at 4 am, no one wanted to sleep or separate. Instead, we had the largest cuddle puddle ever, fitting a total of 20 people on the chart house of Argo. Henry played guitar, and we all chatted (and a few people slept) until we were driven down below by a 2 am rainstorm.

After a short bit of sleep, we all gathered to say our goodbyes to the first five to depart. There was a bit more sleep, and then the rest of us awoke this morning to gather our belongings, then hung out up on deck to delay departures as long as possible (a lot of the shipmates are spending a few extra days in Tahiti together before heading home, so we were running on a casual timeframe). Eventually, though, we all said our goodbyes, and everyone headed off to their respective Air B&Bs and hotels.

Argo is now very quiet. It is always weird right after shipmates leave. I have to say that this time is especially weird for me, though, because I keep hoping to see some of their smiling faces or hear them laughing or making jokes up on deck or in the saloon, and I miss them already. This has been an amazing trip this past month, especially. During our Pacific crossing, we really learned how to work together. Everyone has become incredibly competent, and as staff, I have been so pleased and proud of both their abilities and also how easy it has done my job because they could do so much without guidance. We have all gotten to know each other so well and become comfortable discussing pretty much anything. Everyone has also just been so incredibly nice and has created an amazingly welcoming and positive environment. This is my 11th trip with Seamester, and I have to say this has been one of my saddest goodbyes to a group; I truly wish we could keep them all on for a few more months. Thank you to everyone on board for a great semester. Keep having adventures, and keep in touch.