Location: Underway to St. Vincent and the Grenadines

For Watch Team 2, today started at the reasonable time of midnight. The crew of Dre, Jordan, Maddy, Katie, Sonnet, Callum, Leoni, and I sailed through the darkness, only getting a little wet in the process. After four long hours, the next watch team was summoned, and the cycle continued throughout the night. Despite losing some ramen to flying bowls and seasickness in the early hours of the day, we all made it through the morning to a solid lunch of huevos rancheros. We then all definitely aced our first seamanship exam before having a hot but productive marine biology review session. Those on watch then ventured back up on deck while most took advantage of the perfect study opportunity to nap. We were then roused for dinner and enjoyed the peaceful sunset while salad and rice went flying across the deck. One would expect that we may appreciate meals while at anchor slightly more in the future as Greg and Sonnet made a special request to be included in a blog appearance. I naturally have to mention the blue whale that Greg definitely spotted while Sonnet took the helm through a rogue hurricane that we all just happened to sleep through. Congrats to them.

As our first full day of passage onboard Vela comes to a close, we look forward to a lovely night of sailing under a clear sky on our way to Saint Vincent. Hopefully, these brief logs full of adventures, perfect weather, and maskless people aren’t making our readers back home too jealous. We couldn’t have had a better day. Here’s to the next one.

Figure 1. Katie, Charlie, Valentina, and an unidentified silhouette attempt to retrieve some dinner
Figure 2. Dre and company watch as Smash takes the helm
Figure 3. Colm flexes his latest sunburn
Figure 4. Anthony pretends not to notice the camera
Figure 5. Charlie, Mackenzie, and Andrea do their best to avoid an impromptu swim