Location: Fort Bay, Saba

Day 16 of Argo’s expedition found our group getting ready for some diving at the island of Saba. After a 7:00 wakeup, we had a brief breakfast, and the crew broke out into their assigned jobs. Post cleanup, we began to prep for our dive off the coast of Saba. We divided our divers into two groups: group one was our morning group consisting of the advanced open water divers in training (getting their deep and boat dives done!), and they left around 8:30 am, and the second group made sure they had their gear set up prior to their scheduled afternoon dive. The chefs got to work preparing lunch for the returning dive group while group two had some downtime after their gear was squared away. The first dive group returned without any major complications or injuries, and before the second dive group went out, the whole crew had a rolling lunch: Mediterranean bowls. The second group ate quickly and got rolling out for their much-anticipated dive. Both dives for each group went off without a hitch, and everyone enjoyed themselves, seeing many aquatic animals such as sharks, sea turtles, and a few stingrays. Afterward, everyone rolled into a quick cleanup of all the dive gear and last minute passage prep while the chefs began to prepare our dinner for the night (Cajun sausage stew). We did our appreciations and our squeeze question for the night, which was “what person has influenced you the most throughout your life?”. Afterward, we cleaned up and broke off into our watch groups and began our voyage back to the BVI’s.