Location: Fort Bay, Saba

Day 15 was passage day for S/Y Argo, sailing from St Barths to Saba. The day started with an earlier 5:00 am wake up, with the crew sleeping on deck and down below scrambling to be on deck before the sun (I would always argue that sleeping on a hammock on deck is the better way to go if you don’t mind getting rained on).

The crew took a big stride forward today regarding sail handling with the theory that “between all of us we should sorta be able to make this boat work,” as the instructors took a step back and the students began to take on a larger role in the sailing of Argo. We motored out of the harbor, and after a brief moment of the Argo dangling in confusion as the watch teams figured out all the sail lines (we only did this once before!), using our collective and scattered knowledge the four lower sails were smoothly set, including the mainsail, main staysail, fore staysail, and jib. The sail was roughly 7 hours to Saba with record-breaking minimal seasickness. On top of that, we managed to catch two mahi-mahi fish to be eaten later. When striking (lowering) sails, We came to the conclusion that just like college students have a hard time folding laundry, folding the sails is also hard.

Once anchored in Saba, we looked up at the mountainous island and realized that to get to town meant climbing to the top, and we were relieved to learn that this was primarily going to be our scuba diving island. The diving equipment was brought up after anchoring, and after a short seamanship class on VHF radios and the misconception known as “over and out,” dinner was served. Afterward, we celebrated a double birthday for Gwen and Ava with delicious cake/brownies and peanut butter cookies.

Shoutout to my family back home! Sorry, I’m not around more often.

-Take Numata